Abilities without Limitations

Designing and fitting orthosis or prosthesis requires personal attention to detail. Our staff is happy to take the time to learn about each individual’s personal needs, and to work with health care teams in meeting those needs. We partner with our patients to ensure their comfort with the orthosis or prosthesis, and assist with its smooth integration into their normal lifestyle. Through a combination of training and moral support, we show our patients that they merely have an obstacle to overcome – not a limitation.

Stellar can provide more than just the orthosis or prosthesis: we can also help patients make the proper financial arrangements. Our firm is recognized by most insurance companies including Medicare and Public Aid.

PatieNTS Service that Goes Beyond the Norm

Stellar Orthotics & Prosthetics brings personalized service in orthotics and prosthetics to a new level of performance. At Stellar, we believe in customizing every patient’s service, based on in-depth discussion of their particular needs.

At Stellar, we work closely with the patient from the initial complimentary consultation through all follow-up care. We recognize that each patient adjusts to change in his or her own way, so we maintain an open line of communication that allows the patient to set the pace.

State-of-the-Art Products and Customized Care

We utilize lightweight materials along with high tech componentry and keep abreast of all the most recent technological advancements. This allows us to offer the widest possible range of services. We are confident we can offer our patients a service that is every bit as knowledgeable as it is friendly.